How to Calculate a Three Percent Annual Increase?

Answer Annual increases can be measured as raw numbers or as percentages of the original amount. Using a percentage to measure the increase helps put the increase in perspective. If you know the percentag... Read More »

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How to Calculate Cost Increase by a Percent?

Due to inflation and other factors, prices of goods rise. In a business, you need to know the size of the cost increases of the goods that you use so that you can adjust your prices accordingly. Th... Read More »

What percent of the US's annual budget is military spending?

Depends on if you are in CONUS or OCONUS...CONUS...Dial 809-463-3376 you will receive a second dial tone. Then dial your full 1-800 number.OCONUS....Dial 94-800.... rest of the number. Note: this w... Read More »

How much is the average annual salary increase?

According to the Social Security Administration, the average salary increase is about $1,000 annually. For instance, the 2007 average wage was $38,760.95, and it increased to $39,652.61 in 2008. ... Read More »

How to Calculate Annual Depreciation?

Straight-Line Method Find out the cost of the item. If you are not directly involved in purchasing equipment for your company, the operations manager or purchasing department will be a good place t... Read More »