How to Calculate a Speaker Output Connection?

Answer Calculating the speaker output connection impedance in home audio systems is important in ensuring that the proper lead is presented to the amplifier. Impedance is the amount of resistance applied... Read More »

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Can I run 4 speakers from a 2 speaker output?

As you add speakers in parallel (+ to +, - to -) the total resistance (also called impedance or Z) decreases. Most amplifiers are rated to drive a 4 or 8 ohm load. The closer the impedance gets to ... Read More »

Why are non of my speaker output working?

Look for a fuse. It might be internal so maybe you should take it to someone qualified to look inside.You can't just add speakers. Speakers put a "Load" on the amplifier. It's designed to handl... Read More »

Is it okay to put two sets of speakers on one output from a speaker box?

On One Hand: This Can Overheat Your AmpConnecting two sets of speakers to one amp (speaker box) can cause the amp to overheat and possibly blow the entire device or at least the output. The general... Read More »

Why am I not getting output from my home speaker system?

Well, first of all, you have the Polk speakers connected to the receiver using 16 gauge speaker wire, right ? And, each of the speakers is connected to the same set of speaker outputs jacks, yes ? ... Read More »