How to Calculate a Simple Ratio?

Answer A ratio is the comparison of any two numbers. Ratios can be expressed as words, such as "three to four," or in numerical form with a colon between them, such as "3:4." Fractions, too, are ratios, w... Read More »

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Simple Gear Ratio for Go Karts Explained?

Go karts have to transfer power from the crankshaft to the wheels. The simplest setups use a centrifugal clutch and a single drive gear. But most go karts are set up more like a motorcycle, with tr... Read More »

How to Calculate a 1:10 Ratio?

Scale ratios are often used to describe models of things such as trains, cars or motorcycles. These items are often referred to as scale models because they are not merely smaller versions of the i... Read More »

How to Calculate Missing Ratio?

A ratio is a way of comparing the sizes of two different numbers. A ratio is closely related to the concept of a proportion, which is an equation that uses ratios to compare the sizes of two differ... Read More »

How to Calculate Tangent Ratio?

You can use the tangent ratio to calculate an unknown side of a right triangle if you know one angle other than the right angle and one side other than the hypotenuse, which is the longest side opp... Read More »