How to Calculate a Reflective Angle?

Answer When you look in the mirror, you expect to see an image of yourself staring back at you. The confidence that fuels your expectation is well-founded, as it rests on a simple law: the Law of Reflecti... Read More »

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How to Install Reflective Tape or Reflective Decals and Graphics on a Motorcycle?

Installing reflective decals or reflective tape on your motorcycle can greatly improve your chance of not being hit by a car. Following these steps can greatly improve the installation and final ap... Read More »

How to Calculate An Angle Tangent?

The tangent is used to determine the angle within a triangle by using the ratios of two sides. In right triangles, the three sides are the hypotenuse, the opposite side and the adjacent side. The h... Read More »

How to Calculate a Euler Angle?

The Euler Angle of a xyz coordinate is the set of angles that point to the coordinate's location from the origin (0,0,0). This angle plus the magnitude of the vector (basically the line) from the o... Read More »

How to Calculate the Average Angle?

In math, the average is also known as the mean. The average looks at a set of data and tells you what is typical value from the data set by taking into account each piece of data. If you have sever... Read More »