How to Calculate a Ratio Between Two Sides of a Rectangle?

Answer A rectangle has two equal lateral sides. This means the side directly opposite of the side are the same sizes and are lateral to each other. To find the ratio of two sides of the rectangle, you nee... Read More »

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How to Calculate a Ratio Between 2 Numbers?

Ratios compare the relative size of two numbers. For example, you could use a ratio to compare the number of red marbles to the total number of marbles in a bag, or the number of computers to the n... Read More »

How to Use Quadratic Equations to Solve for the Sides of a Rectangle?

Many real-world math problems require that you bust out both your algebra and geometry skills. Finding the dimensions of a shape with a given area and perimeter is one instance in which you must us... Read More »

How to Find the Ratio of a Rectangle in Geometry?

Rectangles have four sides, and generally the adjacent sides are not equal. Knowing the measurements of the two sides allows you to create a ratio of the rectangle. This tells you how much bigger o... Read More »

How to Multiply the Sides of a Triangle by a Ratio?

If you want to increase or decrease the overall size of a triangle, you can multiply the sides of the shape by a common factor. Two triangles that have corresponding sides that are smaller or great... Read More »