How to Calculate a Monthly Payment in Excel?

Answer Excel is the spreadsheet application component of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Using Microsoft Excel, you can calculate a monthly payment for any type of loan or credit card. This will a... Read More »

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How do I calculate for a monthly mortgage payment?

Interest-only LoanDetermining the type of loan is critical in calculating the payment. Calculating Interest-only loans (loans that do not require payment of principle) requires simple math. Take th... Read More »

How to Manually Calculate a Monthly Payment?

Loan payments are determined by the amount borrowed, the interest rate and the term of the loan. Though the payments usually remain the same over the life of the loan, the portion of the loan that ... Read More »

How do i calculate the monthly payment on a vehicle?

Go to an online loan calculator, such as or, and enter the loan information: the loan amount, the interest rate and the term of the loan (number of payments). ... Read More »

How to Calculate Monthly Payment With Compounded Interest?

A loan with compounding interest allows the creditor to get a significant amount of interest profit in exchange for lending out the funds. You pay interest on your interest, which makes the debt mo... Read More »