How to Calculate a Mode for Nominal Data?

Answer In statistical research, data can be categorized in a number of ways, such as ordinal, interval and nominal data. Nominal data is a way of categorizing data using labels. For example, a person's na... Read More »

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How to Calculate Nominal Data?

Some of the data that is found in the typical research project -- such as opinion surveys and sales research -- are nominal in nature. That is, you are just counting instances of a category, such a... Read More »

How do I calculate nominal data?

To calculate any data in nominal terms, which means the result is not adjusted for inflation, you must consider current factors, such as interest rate. If you are calculating data in real terms, ta... Read More »

The Definition of Nominal Data?

The field of statistics recognizes several different types of data, including nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio. Of these types, nominal is the least numeric and the most like categorization. In... Read More »

How to Identify Nominal Variables in Data?

Variables in statistics are placeholders for data. Three types of statistical variables exist: categorical (nominal), ordinal and interval. Ordinal and interval variables can be ordered in some way... Read More »