How to Calculate a Missing Ratio in a Proportion?

Answer Writing out proportions is a useful way to visualize multiple ratios. A ratio describes the relationship between different values. For instance, if you had three oranges for every five apples then ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Missing Ratio?

A ratio is a way of comparing the sizes of two different numbers. A ratio is closely related to the concept of a proportion, which is an equation that uses ratios to compare the sizes of two differ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Decayed, Missing & Filled Teeth Index Ratio?

The decayed, missing and filled teeth (DMFT) index is used to describe the prevalence of dental decay in adults. The index includes an individual's number of decayed, missing and filled permanent t... Read More »

Ratio & Proportion Math Problems?

Two of the basic concepts you will cover in teaching beginning Algebra will be how to write and work with ratios and how to solve proportion math problems. These concepts are related, as proportion... Read More »

Middle School Ratio & Proportion Projects?

Using ratios and proportions can be a difficult skill for students to learn. Having students complete projects that relate this skill to everyday activities and concepts can help them learn how to ... Read More »