How to Calculate a Grade From a Semester Test?

Answer At the end of the semester, most classes have a final exam or a semester test. These tests tend to count most toward your final grade, so it is important to put effort into studying for them. In or... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Grade Average for a Semester?

Your grade average, or grade point average, for the semester is a summary of your academic performance in your classes. The better your grades, the higher your GPA will be for the term. To find you... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Grade for a Semester Exam?

Completing a final semester exam is a potentially stressful part of being a student, especially if you are unsure of your current grade standing. However, if you have a course syllabus that lists e... Read More »

How to Calculate a Test Grade?

Most of the time, quizzes and tests do not have 100 questions. So it can be difficult to calculate what percentage your final score equals. Here's how to find out if your test results are in the 90... Read More »

How to Bring Up Your Grade Near the End of the Semester?

If you have low grades in some of your classes these few steps will help you bring up your grade.