How to Calculate a Golf Course Handicap?

Answer If you know your golf handicap, you will probably want to calculate the "course handicap". This is what you use for betting/competition, which is the primary reason that handicaps exist.

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How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap?

A golf handicap is used to determine your potential ability on a course. It is mainly used to even the abilities between golfers of different abilities. By using handicaps, you will be able to accu... Read More »

How to Calculate a Golf Handicap With the Zig-Zag Method?

In a Scramble, or other team golf event, you may consider using the Zig-Zag method of calculating the handicap for each team. The Zig-Zag handicapping method produces somewhat random results, usual... Read More »

How to Calculate a Golf Handicap Average?

The golf handicap was introduced by the U.S. Golf Association as a way to make scoring more equal between advanced and average golfers. After playing a certain number of golf rounds, you can calcul... Read More »

How is handicap used in golf?

The handicap system in golf is used to grade your success on the course. It is essentially a numerical measurement of a player's ability. The lower the handicap, the better. Courses use handicap ra... Read More »