How to Calculate a Catcher's Fielding Percentage?

Answer Baseball fans love statistics. Home runs, RBIs and ERA are just a few of the numbers baseball fans watch and calculate each season. Another statistic that gets less attention, but is equally import... Read More »

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How to Calculate Softball Fielding Errors?

The official scorekeeper in softball is responsible for deciding how to score the different plays that take place in a softball game. She keeps the scorebook and tracks runs, hits and errors as the... Read More »

How to Calculate the Value of a Given Percentage?

A percent equals the part divided by the whole. So, with percentages you are looking at just part of a value. In order to find the value of a given percentage, you need to know the whole number you... Read More »

How to Calculate a Percentage of a Whole?

A percentage figure represents the number of parts per one hundred a portion amount corresponds to. For example, "75 percent" is another way of saying "75 parts per 100." To calculate a percentage,... Read More »

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