How to Calculate a CPIS Score?

Answer The Clinical Pulmonary Infection Score is an algorithm used to determine the pre-test probability of a ventilated patient being infected with a ventilator-associated pneumonia to decide whether the... Read More »

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How to Calculate LOD Score?

LOD score, or logarithm of odds score, is a statistical test used in genetic linkage analysis. The LOD score compares the probability of obtaining the test data if the two loci are linked to the pr... Read More »

How to Calculate a Biology AP Score?

Calculating your advanced placement (AP) Biology score can make the difference between getting a head start towards medical school and retaking classes that you took in high school. The AP Biology ... Read More »

How to Calculate Your RAI Score?

The Board of Regents for Iowa's public universities established a metric for assessing college applicants who had graduated from an Iowa high school. The Regent Admission Index (RAI) combines four ... Read More »

How Can I Calculate My Composite ACT Score?

The ACT examination tests students in four areas: English, mathematics, reading and science. Before admission to many colleges, potential students must take ACT tests and submit their scores as par... Read More »