How to Calculate Your Yearly Average on a Report Card?

Answer Each semester or quarter, depending on how your school is set up, you will receive a report card. Some schools grade out of 100 percent, while some use a four-point scale for letter grades. You can... Read More »

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How to Calculate a Report Card Grade?

It's time for report cards and letting students know how they have done during this current semester or quarter. This time can often be stressful to teachers, but if you are organized and set aside... Read More »

How to Average a Report Card?

Some colleges and high schools assign letter grades for each class. To calculate your grade-point average, or GPA, you need to use a formula. The formula is simple, however, and also takes into acc... Read More »

How to Tell Your Mom About Your Report Card?

So you've got a bad report card, and you need to tell your mother, but the problem is that you just don't know how. You might be scared of getting told off, but don't be because it's only a report ... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Average Height?

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