How to Calculate Your Golf Handicap?

Answer A golf handicap is used to determine your potential ability on a course. It is mainly used to even the abilities between golfers of different abilities. By using handicaps, you will be able to accu... Read More »

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How to Calculate a Golf Course Handicap?

If you know your golf handicap, you will probably want to calculate the "course handicap". This is what you use for betting/competition, which is the primary reason that handicaps exist.

How to Calculate a Golf Handicap Average?

The golf handicap was introduced by the U.S. Golf Association as a way to make scoring more equal between advanced and average golfers. After playing a certain number of golf rounds, you can calcul... Read More »

How to Calculate a Golf Handicap With the Zig-Zag Method?

In a Scramble, or other team golf event, you may consider using the Zig-Zag method of calculating the handicap for each team. The Zig-Zag handicapping method produces somewhat random results, usual... Read More »

How to Apply Your Golf Handicap to Your Score?

In many sports, it is difficult for players of differing abilities to compete evenly against each other. For example, in tennis one player may have such a superior game that another player would no... Read More »