How to Calculate Your Corporal Mass?

Answer Corporal mass, or body mass index (BMI), is a classification system used to determine whether someone is within a healthy weight range. When considering your health, calculating BMI is more accurat... Read More »

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What is the cutting score for the 2311 mos field from lance corporal to corporal for october 2009?

Puerto Rico has not been governed by the US military since 1902. Fort Buchanan in San Juan has existed since 1923 but is not a threat to the citizens of Puerto Rico. It has a democratic civilian go... Read More »

Who is higher lance corporal or corporal?

How to Calculate the Mass (in amu)?

Amu stands for atomic mass units, a measure of very small masses. Each amu equals 1/12th the mass of a carbon-12 atom. Because the amu is so small, you usually use powers of 10 to represent the mas... Read More »

How to Calculate Mass Ratio?

The mass ratio of a chemical reaction is defined as the percentage of mass of a product species that was contributed by one or more reactant species. For example, water -- H2O -- is composed of hyd... Read More »