How to Calculate What You Owe?

Answer If you take out a loan, whether it is from a friend or a bank, it's important to know exactly how much you'll have to repay. Besides the principal balance (the amount of money you borrowed initiall... Read More »

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What is the formula to calculate BMI?

The formula for BMI, or body mass index, using kilograms and meters is weight (kg) / height (m)^2. The formula for BMI using pounds and inches is (weight in pounds/height in inches^2) x 703. (Note ... Read More »

What is the formula to calculate distance?

The formula to calculate distance is: Distance = Rate x Time. For example, a car is traveling at 60 mph and drives for 2 hours. To find the distance traveled, you set up the problem as: 60 mph x 2 ... Read More »

How to Calculate What You Need on a Final?

If you are going into a final exam and need to know what grade you need on the exam, you can calculate this only if you know your current grade. You also need to know how many points the exam is wo... Read More »

How to Calculate What Grade You Want?

Knowing how to calculate the grade that you want can make the difference between passing a course and accidentally failing because you did not know how many points you needed. The potential for an ... Read More »