How to Calculate Weighted Average Percentages?

Answer Weighted averages allow one value to be worth more than another value. The most common time you will see weighted averages with percentages is dealing with grades. If your professor is weighing you... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Volume-Weighted Average Price?

When you take the average of a number of transactions without weighting them, a transaction for 10 units would have the same effect on the average as a transaction for 1,000 units. To fix this prob... Read More »

How to Calculate the Grade Point Average From Percentages?

The grade point average (GPA), is the general measure used to determine a student's academic achievement. The dean's list, admission or transfer to another college and graduation requirements use a... Read More »

How to Calculate Your Weighted GPA?

While calculating your GPA for Math majors may not be a complicated task, for others it can be a tedious task, especially if your school uses letters grades with pluses and minuses. Whether your sc... Read More »

How to Calculate Weighted Grading?

Some teachers prefer to grade students using a weighted method. This method looks at each different individual assignment and then gives the assignment a percentage. The percentage is how much the ... Read More »