How to Calculate Wattage?

Answer Simple calculation equation for computing watt usage for an electronic device.

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How to Calculate CPU Wattage?

Calculating CPU wattage is important on custom computers, because it allows users to determine the amount of power that the central processing unit consumes. This is especially important for comput... Read More »

How to Calculate Wattage From Volts and Amps?

Wattage, voltage and current -- or amps -- are all closely related. Watts are a measurement of power, which is realized by the combination of a device's potential to do work, measured in volts, and... Read More »

How to Calculate the Wattage for a Temperature Increase?

The wattage acting on a substance describes the rate at which energy flows into it. The rate is proportional but not equal to the substance's rate of temperature rise. Some substances, such as meta... Read More »

How to Calculate Power Amp Current Draw From an Output Wattage?

Every time you use an electrical appliance, it consumes power. The power consumption of appliances is usually printed on them, expressed as a value in watts. U.S. homes are supplied with a constant... Read More »