How to Calculate WHIP (Walks and Hits Per Innings Pitched)?

Answer WHIP shows how many base runners the pitcher has allowed on base per inning

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How to Calculate Homerless Innings?

Baseball is obsessed with minutiae and statistics. Some, such as earned run average and slugging percentage, require calculated equations. Others, such as won-loss record, innings pitched and homer... Read More »

How to Calculate Home Runs Per Nine Innings?

Figuring home runs given up per nine innings is a simple calculation and can be used to figure stats for a particular pitcher or an entire bullpen.

Which better cool whip or redi whip?

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A tied ball game goes into how many innings?

A baseball game that is tied after the ninth inning will go to extra innings. Extra innings will continue until one team is leading at the end of an inning. Only the umpire has the power to suspend... Read More »