How to Calculate W2 Income Tax Return?

Answer When you work for a company, your employer reports your income to the IRS, and to you, with a W2 form. Once you have your W2 form in hand, you can start to do your taxes and calculate how much you ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Rental Income From Income Tax Return for Mortgage?

Each year taxpayers must to report their rental income on their taxes. Often if a person is trying to obtain a mortgage, he will need to provide the rental income to the lender. The taxpayer can si... Read More »

Income-Tax Return Tips for Low-Income Single Mothers?

Making ends meet as a single parent can be quite a challenge. If you are filing taxes as a single parent, there are a number of special tax credits and exemptions available to make it easier to rai... Read More »

Will a 1040 from my income tax return prove my income?

Most lenders and universities accept a 1040 income tax return as proof of income. However, many lenders require that you submit the income transcript furnished by the Internal Revenue Service, and ... Read More »

At what income does a minor have to file an income tax return?

As of the 2009 tax year, if a minor has gross income of more than $9,350, she must file income taxes. Gross income is the total amount of taxable income the child earns during the year. If the mino... Read More »