How to Calculate Velocity and Pressure?

Answer Velocity and pressure are two concepts in scientific measurement regarding the effects that various stimuli have on an object. Velocity is the measure of the rate of change that an object has over ... Read More »

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How Do You Calculate Velocity?

Velocity differs from speed because velocity is a vector, meaning it takes into consideration direction. When you give a velocity, it refers to motion in a specific direction. For example, if a rac... Read More »

How to Calculate Force From Velocity?

The first equation taught in dynamics is F= ma which is "force equals mass times acceleration." This equation describes the force that must be exerted on an object of known weight or mass as it is ... Read More »

How to Calculate Growth Velocity?

Growth velocity, or the speed at which something or someone is growing, is often tracked for children. Growth can be measured in length, such as the length of the body or even of one limb, or in ov... Read More »

How to Calculate Terminal Velocity?

An object that is released to fall freely due to the force of gravity through a gaseous or a liquid medium is referred to as being in free fall. Skydivers are in free fall through the atmosphere of... Read More »