How to Calculate Variance?

Answer Variance formulaVariance is an extremely important statistic, and is usually one of the first formulas taught in any statistics course. Variance is used to measure variablity within data. It is usu... Read More »

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How to Calculate Variance of a Sample?

In statistics, different values derived from a sample set have significant meanings. One of those values is the variance, which measures the spread of the sample. Other important values like the st... Read More »

How to Calculate Average Variance?

Variance is a measure that describes how a set of numbers is spread around the mean of the number set. The larger the variance, the further the values are spread out. Variance is closely related to... Read More »

How to Calculate Variance Online?

The variance is a statistical measure of spread, or dispersion, in a group of numbers. It is the square of the standard deviation and is equal to the square of the average difference between the n... Read More »

How to Calculate Variance Analysis?

At the end of an accounting period, a variance analysis is performed for management review to identify areas of operation that are not meeting normal or budgeted goals. Management uses the informat... Read More »