How to Calculate Transverse Angles?

Answer Transverse angles are created when a line called a transversal crosses a set of two parallel lines. The transversal creates eight angles. The angles can be classified based on whether they are inte... Read More »

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How to Calculate Sun Angles?

There are two basic ways to measure the angle of the sun from the horizon. The first is only accurate on a solstice or equinox date, and is based on the relationship of the latitude at your locatio... Read More »

How to Calculate Arc Lengths Without Angles?

Calculation of an arc length without its central angle is a tough problem since the arc length is based on the angle. The arc length is the measured distance along a circle's circumference. Its cal... Read More »

How to Calculate Weight Angles?

Weight acts directly downward. If you're calculating the gravitational force on an object in a completely downward direction, the value thereof exactly equals the object's weight. If, however, you'... Read More »

How to Calculate the Sum of Interior Angles?

A polygon is any closed figure with sides made from straight lines. At each vertex of a polygon, there is both an interior and exterior angle, corresponding to the angles on the inside and outside ... Read More »