How to Calculate Transverse Angles?

Answer Transverse angles are created when a line called a transversal crosses a set of two parallel lines. The transversal creates eight angles. The angles can be classified based on whether they are inte... Read More »

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How to Calculate Sun Angles?

There are two basic ways to measure the angle of the sun from the horizon. The first is only accurate on a solstice or equinox date, and is based on the relationship of the latitude at your locatio... Read More »

How to Calculate Pyramid Angles?

Used in many structures, temples and tombs around the world, the square pyramid has contributed to countless human constructions. Pyramids are polyhedrons (solid, three dimensional objects composed... Read More »

How to Calculate the Angles of a Quadrilateral?

If you've ever needed an exact measurement of an angle in a square table or building, you know the importance of calculating the angles in a quadrilateral. Without proper angle measurements, otherw... Read More »

How do I calculate degrees of angles?

ProtractorLine up the straight edge of a protractor with one of the lines of the angle and the dot in the middle of the protractor with the point where the two lines of the angle meet. Read the num... Read More »