How to Calculate Transmission Gear Ratios?

Answer The purpose of a vehicle's transmission is delivering the right amount of power to the wheels. To do this, the pistons move the crankshaft at a fixed speed. You can speed up the crankshaft by press... Read More »

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How to Calculate Final Drive Gear Ratios?

In an era of energy consciousness, final drive ratios of engines and drive trains in cars and trucks have become increasingly important. Final drive ratios are selected by drive train designers to ... Read More »

How to Calculate Speed Based on Gear Ratios?

Gear ratio can have a profound effect on how your vehicle performs. Moving to a higher (numerically lower) ratio can improve your freeway mileage because your engine is turning fewer RPMs, but the ... Read More »

How to Calculate Gear Ratios by Rotating a Rear Wheel?

Axle gear ratios make a big difference in how a vehicle performs. Trucks are usually geared lower for towing or carrying heavy loads, while cars are geared higher to increase top end speed and impr... Read More »

How to Calculate the Gear Ratio in an Acura Transmission?

Gear ratios in an Acura transmission are calculated in the exact same way that gear ratios are calculated in other transmissions. Indeed, gear ratio calculations are the same for every system that ... Read More »