How to Calculate Total Surface Areas?

Answer Calculating the total surface area of an object is one of those rare occurrences when what's on the inside doesn't matter. An object's total surface area is a measurement of its exterior. Total sur... Read More »

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How to Find Surface Areas?

Surface area is the measure of a three-dimensional object's entire exterior space. A "surface area" measurement is slightly different than an "area" or "volume" measurement. Area is the measure of ... Read More »

What can one do when condominium board is not providing maintenance of the total grounds only certain areas?

Assuming that 'one' is an owner of a condominium unit, one can approach the board with a written request to expand the maintenance tasks to include the grounds not currently being maintained.In pre... Read More »

How Do I Calculate the Areas of Parallelograms & Trapezoids?

The area of any geometrical figure is the amount of space within its perimeter or borders. A trapezoid is a four-sided figure with one pair of parallel sides. These sides are called base 1 and base... Read More »

How to Calculate Lateral Areas in Math?

The word lateral means "side" and this meaning helps explain what lateral area is. Lateral area is the part of the surface area of a 3-dimensional shape that wraps around its sides. To find the sur... Read More »