How to Calculate Tithe?

Answer The tithe is considered one of a Christian's most important duties and a sign of faith. Tithing is the practice of giving a percentage of one's income to the church and, therefore, to God himself, ... Read More »

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For those who TIP 20%, how much do you tithe?

For our normal, per-paycheck tithing, my husband and I tithe 10%. We give extra for our building fund. We also give additional offerings to different collections (In our church, we donate to World ... Read More »

How to Tithe on a Budget?

The word tithe might actually get a groan out of you...and your wallet too if you are living on a fairly tight budget. While everyone could sit and think of ways to spend their money rather than on... Read More »

How to Tithe With a Credit Card?

Tithing is the practice of donating 10 percent of personal income to the church. Tithing is practiced in many churches throughout the world. Some churchgoers tithe a percentage of their income each... Read More »

How do I calculate EFN?

Add Assets and LiabilitiesOpen an Excel spreadsheet and enter all of the assets into one cell and their value into the next cell. Add the monetary value of all of the assets together using the "Aut... Read More »