How to Calculate Tire Wear?

Answer Driving on worn-out tires may cost you more gas money and raise your risk of having a blow-out on the road. Tires that are too thin also have less traction on snow, ice and wet roads. Check your ti... Read More »

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Method to Calculate Tire Pressure When Tire Is Warm?

While it may seem unimportant to many drivers, tire pressure is one of the most critical elements regarding car performance. Tires filled to the correct pressure amounts give your car better gas mi... Read More »

How to Calculate Tire Air Pressure?

Tires that are over- or under-inflated are unsafe, and wear out easier than tires kept at their proper pressure. You've probably seen advice about keeping your tires inflated to the proper psi (pou... Read More »

What Causes Tire Wear?

Rubrics help educators grade effectively. A common complaint from students is how a grade is actually derived. The days of simply putting a letter grade at the top of an assignment or project are o... Read More »

What is the cause of tire wear?

Regardless of the kind of tire wear, all tire wear is ultimately caused by friction. Tires moving against a road surface generate pressure and subsequently heat. Pressure and heat combined will de... Read More »