How to Calculate Thinking and Braking Distance?

Answer Stopping distance is the total distance it takes for a driver to bring a car to a complete stop. This includes the thinking distance and braking distance. The thinking distance is split into percep... Read More »

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How are thinking distance and braking distance linked?

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How to Calculate an Auto's Braking Distance?

Your vehicle stops once the friction from the surface it is traveling on has performed work equal to the vehicle's kinetic energy. The work is the product of the vehicle's mass, the distance it tra... Read More »

How to Calculate Braking Distance of an Automobile?

Stopping your vehicle is an everyday part of driving. Most drivers brake without even really thinking about how long it will take to stop and how far their vehicle will travel while coming to a st... Read More »

The Relationship Between Speed & Braking Distance?

Inexperienced drivers take a lot for granted when they get behind the wheel of a car. They assume everything will work as expected and they will always maintain control of the vehicle. Many factors... Read More »