How to Calculate Theory Voltage?

Answer In theory, the product of a system's voltage and current is its power rating. In practice, the voltage acting on the system will be slightly more than this relationship suggests. Some electric ener... Read More »

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How to Calculate Voltage?

Calculating volts or voltage is easiest by using Ohm's law. Ohm's law explains the relationship that exists between current, voltage, and resistance while outlining a series of formulas for calcula... Read More »

How to Calculate LED Voltage?

Learn to calculate the voltage of a light emitting diode (LED) to test for a malfunction. A LED acts as a current valve in a circuit, only letting electricity flow in one direction. When electricit... Read More »

How to Calculate Voltage Imbalance?

Voltage imbalances apply in 3-phase power distribution systems. In a 3-phase system, three separate lines carry three identical alternating currents that are out of phase with each other. For examp... Read More »

How to Calculate Voltage Across a Resistor?

In 1827, a German physicist named Georg Ohm published a paper describing the interrelationship between current, voltage, and resistance in circuits. The mathematical form of this relationship becam... Read More »