How to Calculate The Speed of a Jump?

Answer In the United States, speed is most commonly measured in miles per hour. Determining speed involves calculating with a formula or equation. The formula is stated mathematically as s=d/t, wherein "s... Read More »

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How to Calculate Speed Based on Wheel Speed & Tire Diameter?

A vehicle transfers power from the engine through the transmission and differential. The gears in these components result in a wheel speed expressed in revolutions per minute (rpm). From the wheel ... Read More »

How to Speed Jump Rope?

Speed is a easy skipping trick, but it's fun. This trick will help you become more fit, and improve your coordination, balance, agility, and timing.

How to Calculate How Much 16 Gauge Wire to Make Jump Rings?

Jump rings are simple, C-shaped rings used as links to connect elements in jewelry and clothing. Some jewelry is constructed entirely from jump rings, resulting in a straight chain or chainmail pie... Read More »

How to Calculate RPM Speed?

Rotating components appear in every aspect of our daily lives. From car tires to DVDs, many objects do spin around. You can calculate rotational speeds with a simple formula that determines revolut... Read More »