How to Calculate Tension in an Accelerating Object?

Answer Calculation of the tension exerted by an accelerating object on the line between the object and its anchor point is an important concept with many real-world applications. You may need to know how ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Tension & Deflection in a Rod?

When designing a structure such as a building or a bridge, it is important to understand the many forces that are applied to the structural elements such as beams and rods. Two especially important... Read More »

How to Calculate Tension in Physics?

Objects are constantly subjected to forces that push, pull and twist on the structure of the object. While fluids respond to these forces by moving relatively easily, solid objects resist the exter... Read More »

How to Calculate Chain Tension?

Drive chains, also called roller chains, fill the gap between drive belt/pulley systems and drive gears. These chains convey drive force over long distances like belts, yet provide positive engagem... Read More »

How do I calculate tension in a cord around a pulley?

Determining the MassDetermine the mass of the object connected to the cord in the pulley system. Weigh the object and record the value in grams.Formula for Pulley System TensionUse the basic formul... Read More »