How to Calculate Surface Pressure?

Answer Surface pressure calculation determines force area for an individual unit. In numerical terms, Force (F) divided by Area squared (A) equals Surface Pressure (P). Blaise Pascal, the French physician... Read More »

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How much psi is appropriate to clean a stucco surface with a pressure washer?

Cleaning a stucco surface is a difficult due to its texture and its softness. Generally you should use a pressure washer with the capacity of 3,000 psi which has the ability to heat the water up to... Read More »

How to Calculate Surface Density?

Surface density is the mass of an object per unit of area. You express it in kilograms per square meter and it is useful in determining thickness of materials such as paper, foil and textiles. You ... Read More »

How to Calculate the Surface of a Sphere?

The surface area of a sphere is like its shell. Calculation of that shell is accomplished by the following equation: surface area = 4 * pi * radius^2. The radius is the measured distance from the s... Read More »

How many millibars is the approximate average surface air pressure on Mars?

The average air pressure on the surface of Mars is roughly six to 10 millibars. This is less than 1 percent of the average air pressure on the surface of Earth, which is 1,013 millibars.References:... Read More »