How to Calculate Stability of a Model Rocket?

Answer It is important in model rocketry to ensure your rocket is stable. A stable rocket will fly as intended, while an unstable rocket will fly in an unpredictable pattern creating a dangerous situation... Read More »

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How to Launch a Model Rocket?

Rocket!This is how to launch a model rocket made from a kit using non-reloadable low power motors. Higher power motors exist, as well as ones that require assembly (reloads), but that requires more... Read More »

How to Launch a Model Rocket Safely?

An Estes model rocketModel rocketry is a fun and educational hobby. However, it is important to always follow the safety rules for the most enjoyable experience.

How to Ignite a Model Rocket Engine?

Model rocket engines utilize a switched, battery-operated launch system for remote control ignition. Electricity travels through a pair of small gauge wires from the launch controller to the launch... Read More »

How to Build and Customize a Model Rocket?

Build your own model rocket!Have you ever wanted to build a good quality model rocket that's cheap and reliable? Going to the store and buying a kit that has everything you need, but customizing it... Read More »