How to Calculate Square Roots in Algebra?

Answer Every positive real number, starting with one, has a unique square root. Multiplying the square root, r, by itself (r x r) yields positive real number x. Since negative numbers multiplied by one an... Read More »

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How to Manually Calculate Square Roots?

There are various methods, with varying levels of complexity, for calculating the square root manually. One method was discovered by the ancient Greek mathematician Heron of Alexandria, who lived a... Read More »

How to Multiply Square Roots?

Learning to multiply square roots may be easier than you think. You've learned to multiply and to work with variables, and you're fluent in the FOIL method. Follow these easy steps to start multipl... Read More »

How to Divide Square Roots?

Dividing square roots is similar to simplifying a fraction to lowest terms... but with a twist: we never leave a radical in the denominator of a fraction.

How to Factor Out Square Roots?

The square root of a number is another value that, multiplied by itself, gives the first number. The square root of a number is shown by putting the radical symbol "√" in front of that number, an... Read More »