How to Calculate Square Feet From the Perimeter?

Answer Square feet is a term that applies to the measurement of the area of a shape. The perimeter of a shape is the length of the outer border of a shape. You can calculate the area of a figure when give... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Perimeter of a Square?

A square's perimeter, or the perimeter of any other geometrical figure, is the total distance around its edges. It's the same concept as a soldier patrolling the perimeter of a camp: The perimeter ... Read More »

How to Calculate Cubic Feet From Square Feet?

When planning a project, you need to measure dimensions accurately so that you can obtain the correct amount of material for the job. If you need only to know the square footage of the area of the ... Read More »

How do you calculate 280 feet into square inches?

How to Calculate Ankanams From Square Feet?

The description of the size of your property in India will depend entirely on where that property is situated. The names for Indian land measurement units not only vary from region to region, but t... Read More »