How to Calculate Speedometer Gears?

Answer Speedometers are gauges that measure moving speed. They are commonly found in vehicles, measuring speeds in miles per hour. The speedometer has a cable coming out of the back that extends down into... Read More »

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How to Calculate Rear End Gears?

A differential contains two gears that work in conjunction to transfer the energy produced by the engine to the vehicle’s wheels. The relationship between these two gears can be reduced to a rati... Read More »

How to Change Gears on Bicycle With 10 or more Gears?

Most bicycles today come with anywhere from 10 to 27 gears. Selecting the proper gear and knowing when to switch will let you ride faster, longer, and without worry of "that big hill".

How Can I Fix the Speedometer in My Car?

Speedometer problems are as wide ranging as a simple loose wire to a massive electrical problem that requires the help of a professional. A jiggling speedometer needle or one that won't move at al... Read More »

Is a timer a speedometer?

Timer is not a speedometer, because speedometer is used to measures the instantaneous speed of a land vehicle, while timer is a specialized type of clock.