How to Calculate Speed Based on Wheel Speed & Tire Diameter?

Answer A vehicle transfers power from the engine through the transmission and differential. The gears in these components result in a wheel speed expressed in revolutions per minute (rpm). From the wheel ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Speed Based on Gear Ratios?

Gear ratio can have a profound effect on how your vehicle performs. Moving to a higher (numerically lower) ratio can improve your freeway mileage because your engine is turning fewer RPMs, but the ... Read More »

How to calculate internet speed based on number of users?

What speed you need depends heavily on what your six guys are doing. If they are all streaming Netflix, then you can easily fill a 30 Mbps or even 50 Mbps service. If they are just surfing the we... Read More »

A tire is labeled 185 mm wide side wall is 70 percent of its width and the wheel has a diameter of 14 in so what is the tire's sidewall height?

How to Calculate Diameter Based on Circumference?

The formulas you learn in geometry class have uses in real life; you cannot easily measure the diameter of a living tree, for example, but you can measure its circumference. The mathematical consta... Read More »