How to Calculate Species Evenness?

Answer The diversity of species in a particular area depends not only the number of species found, but also in their numbers. Ecologists call the number of species in an area its richness, and the relativ... Read More »

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How to Calculate Species Density?

Species density refers to the number of individuals of a species in an area. It is measured in individuals per unit area. It is a useful value that can be used to determine the health of an ecosyst... Read More »

What is an exotic species&an invasive species?

Exotic and invasive are terms used by the United States Department of Agriculture to describe plant status in a given area of the United States. An exotic species has been introduced to one ecosyst... Read More »

Species of Skunks?

The skunk family, scientifically known as Mephitidae, comprises 13 species divided into four genera. The various species differ greatly in size and appearance but share many common traits. All 13 s... Read More »

Stink Bug Species?

With most species originating in East Asia, stink bugs first appeared in the United States in the 1990s. Their name stems from an unpleasant odor released as a defense mechanism. Some stink bugs fe... Read More »