How to Calculate Speaker Impedance Matching?

Answer Speaker impedance matching is an important step when considering which speakers to mate with certain amplifiers. Although the process is not difficult, the results are vital in ensuring a long lif... Read More »

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How to Measure Speaker Impedance?

Speaker impedance is a measure of a speaker's resistance to an alternating current. You might need to know this information when the speaker is not labeled but you want to hook it up to an amplifie... Read More »

How to Replace a Speaker With an Impedance Match?

Impedance-match dummy loads often are used with home audio gear when it's necessary to do power output or frequency output tests that don't involve listening to the output on a speaker. The impedan... Read More »

How to Calculate Impedance?

Impedance is the opposition of a circuit to alternating current. It's measured in ohms. To calculate impedance, you must know the value of all resistors and the impedance of all inductors and capac... Read More »

How to Calculate Impedance Values?

In electrical circuits with an alternating electromagnetic force (emf), impedance quantifies the opposition to electrical flow caused by resistors, capacitors and inductors. Capacitors create oppos... Read More »