How to Calculate Solvation?

Answer When a substance dissolves in water, it both absorbs and releases energy. It absorbs energy to break the substance's ionic bonds, and then releases energy as its ions form inter-particle bonds with... Read More »

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How to Calculate Pi?

Calculating Pi using circumference and radius of a given circle.

How to Calculate a P&L?

A Profit and Loss (P&L) statement summarizes the sales, costs, and expenses over a period of time to arrive at a final net profit or net loss value. Also known as the income statement or the statem... Read More »

How do I calculate EOQ?

The Economic Order Quantity allows companies to minimize their inventory costs. To figure the EOQ, multiply the setup costs related to purchasing the inventory by the demand for the inventory and t... Read More »

How to Calculate CPM?

Any business that is involved with advertisement, media promotion or similar ideas might need to figure out some of the metrics behind their advertising costs or operating budget. If you are in cha... Read More »