How to Calculate Slugging Percentage?

Answer A slugging percentage is a baseball statistic that is similar to a batting average. While batting average is used to measure the percentage of at-bat opportunities that result in a hit, slugging pe... Read More »

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How to Calculate Save Percentage?

Team sports track many statistics to evaluate individual and team performance. Both offensive and defensive contributions by individual players are analyzed statistically. A few sports feature play... Read More »

How to Calculate Percentage Increase?

Knowing how to calculate percentage increase is useful in a variety of situations. For instance, in doing your tax return, you may need to calculate the percentage increase in your home basis to fi... Read More »

How to Calculate a Percentage of a Whole?

A percentage figure represents the number of parts per one hundred a portion amount corresponds to. For example, "75 percent" is another way of saying "75 parts per 100." To calculate a percentage,... Read More »

How to Calculate Percentage Error?

Percentage error is a term used to determine how incorrect a calculation is. It's good to know how to obtain percent error because many reputable scientists use it.