How to Calculate Simple Perpetuity?

Answer A perpetuity is a stream of cash flows over an infinite time period. Examples of perpetual securities include preferred stock and consol bonds issued by the United Kingdom. You can calculate the va... Read More »

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How to Calculate a Simple Slope?

If you're asked to calculate the slope of a line, you're probably long past the days of simple multiplication and addition. While slope may seem hard to calculate, it is important if you're calcula... Read More »

How to Calculate Simple Interest?

Simple interest is the amount of interest paid based on only the original amount lent or borrowed, rather than being based on accumulating interest. The formula for this is very simple: I=PRT, wher... Read More »

How do i calculate simple interest?

Calculate Interest Per YearMultiply the annual interest rate by the principal of the account. For example, if you left $500 in an account that paid 3 percent interest, you would multiply $500 by 0.... Read More »

How to Calculate a Simple Ratio?

A ratio is the comparison of any two numbers. Ratios can be expressed as words, such as "three to four," or in numerical form with a colon between them, such as "3:4." Fractions, too, are ratios, w... Read More »