How to Calculate Savings Bond Interest?

Answer Savings bonds are issued by companies or governments to raise money for certain projects. As bond a purchaser, you are compensated for your investment in the form of interest, which can be paid acc... Read More »

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About Savings Bond Interest Rates?

The volatility of the stock market can be too much for some investors. However, the low interest rates paid by many bank savings accounts aren't a great deal either. It is little wonder then that m... Read More »

Is savings bond interest state exempt?

Yes, savings bond interest is exempt from state income taxes. However, if you receive savings bonds as part of an inheritance, you may have to pay inheritance taxes on the value of the bonds.Refere... Read More »

Do you pay state taxes on U.S. savings bond interest?

Savings bond interest is exempt from state and local taxes, but not from federal income tax when bonds mature or are redeemed. However, if financing education expenses, federal taxes on bond intere... Read More »

For How Long Does a U.S. Savings Bond Earn Interest and How Is It Calculated?

U.S. savings bonds are issued by the U.S. Treasury and can be purchased at banks, through payroll deduction plans or directly from the Treasury at the TreasuryDirect website. With investment amount... Read More »