How to Calculate Saving to Investment Ratios?

Answer Businesses use the saving-to-investment ratio to determine whether a project that aims to save money in the future is worth doing. The ratio compares the investment that the business has to put in ... Read More »

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How to Calculate X to Y Ratios?

The ratio of x and y means x divided by y. The ratio shows the size of one value compared to another, which can be useful for all kinds of purposes, such as finding the slope of a hill or graph, or... Read More »

How to Calculate Population Ratios?

A ratio shows the proportional relationship of one number to another. They are used for various purposes, including financial and statistical analysis. A ratio can be expressed as a fraction with o... Read More »

How to Calculate Enlargement Ratios?

Enlargement ratios are primarily seen when you are working with scales. The ratio tells you how much bigger an object is than it's currently being represented. It is common to see these in areas su... Read More »

How to Calculate Axle Ratios?

"Axle ratio" is the common term for the reduction in the gear ratio of most implementations of mechanical differential drive axles in cars, trucks and tractors. These drive axle mechanisms receive ... Read More »