How to Calculate Safety Stock?

Answer Safety stock is a term that is used to describe the amount of inventory or stock that is kept on hand in order to reduce the chance of a temporary shortfall of materials from taking place. Also kno... Read More »

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What is safety stock?

Safety stock refers to extra inventory that a business keeps on hand so that it can accommodate a sudden surge in demand or a disruption in supply. Determining how much safety stock is enough is a ... Read More »

Stock Picker Safety?

Your number one concern is preservation of capital. As Dr. Alexander Elder, a noted stock trader and psychatrist, put it: "If you focus on handling losses, profits will take care of themselves." ... Read More »

How to Calculate the PE of a Stock?

The price-to-earnings -- P/E -- ratio is a widely used stock valuation measurement. The P/E can be used to compare different stocks with widely different stock prices. A $100 dollar stock with a P/... Read More »

How do I calculate EPS stock split?

Normal Earnings Per Share CalculationSubtract any preferred dividends from net income. Then divide the difference by the weighted average number of outstanding common shares for the year. For examp... Read More »