How to Calculate Return on Investment Ratio?

Answer Return on investment applies to any investment an investor or company makes. This ratio is useful to see how an investment performed over the course of a period, such as a month or year. The ratio ... Read More »

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How do I calculate return on investment ratio?

Calculate Gain or LossSubtract the final value of the investment from the price you paid for the investment. For example, if you paid $1,200 for a stock and the stock was worth $1,500 when you sold... Read More »

How to Calculate a Return on an Investment With a Formula?

Return on investment shows how much money is made on an investment compared to how much was spent on it. It is expressed as a percentage. The formula for calculating return on investment is: gain f... Read More »

How do I calculate a return on a capital investment?

Gross ReturnThe gross return on an investment is how much money you sold it for when you cashed it out. If you sold 100 shares of stock for $100 each, your gross return would be $10,000. Gross retu... Read More »

How to Calculate Annual Return on Investment?

The return on investment, sometimes abbreviated ROI, measures the performance of an investment over time. Instead of measuring the raw growth or decline, the return on investment gives the increase... Read More »