How to Calculate Resistor Values in an L-Pad?

Answer An L-pad is essentially a sliding rheostat used in audio setups, be it in your car or in your home audio setup. To calculate the resistance values in an L-pad, you need to test the individual resis... Read More »

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How to Calculate Voltage Across a Resistor?

In 1827, a German physicist named Georg Ohm published a paper describing the interrelationship between current, voltage, and resistance in circuits. The mathematical form of this relationship becam... Read More »

How to Calculate Amps in a Parallel Circuit Through Each Resistor?

Calculating amperage or current through parallel resistors is no different from calculating the current through a single resistor. Knowing the ohmic value of the resistor and the voltage dropped ac... Read More »

How to Calculate the Top 5% of a Set of Values?

If you have a data set and you want to know what part of the data set is in the top 5 percent, then you can use a percentile formula to make the calculation. The formula is the number of data times... Read More »

How to Calculate RMS Values?

RMS, which stands for root mean square, is a method to average numbers. Unlike the standard arithmetic averaging method, the RMS averaging method requires that you average the square of each number... Read More »