How to Calculate Reliability in Qualitative Research?

Answer Qualitative research measures unique human behavior and decision-making rather than physical data, which is represented numerically. Scientists generally prefer to perform quantitative research bec... Read More »

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Understanding Reliability & Validity in Qualitative Research?

In the world of academic research, data is gathered using either quantitative or qualitative techniques. Quantitative methods include using test scores, number counts and other procedures that use... Read More »

How to Integrate Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods in Educational Research?

Most researchers produce either quantitative or qualitative research. It is rare for both methods to be used in the same study. Qualitative research relies more on observation and interviews while ... Read More »

Reliability of the Research Funded by a Drug Company?

Often pharmaceutical companies are the first to investigate new drugs. However, this research is commonly biased in favor of the company that sponsored it. Research done by independent third part... Read More »

Why is reliability important in experimental design and correlation research?

Because if whatever test you're using doesn't produce the same results for the same person each time (or approximately, depending on the type of test) then how do you know whether the test you are ... Read More »