How to Calculate Relative Error?

Answer In order to calculate relative error, you must calculate the absolute error as well. Absolute error is the actual amount you were off, or mistaken by, when measuring something. Relative error compa... Read More »

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Can you do an Affidavit of Scrivener's Error for condominium document error specifically if there is a mistake on the intent of the builder on how the association dues are calculate?

You can work an association-savvy attorney familiar with Scrivener's Error forms, and present your evidence.

How to Calculate Relative Risk?

Calculating relative risk (RR) also known as the risk ratio, according to STATS, "is a comparison between different risk levels." It is used to understand the risk of an incident relative to exposu... Read More »

How to Calculate Relative Dispersion?

The relative dispersion of a data set, more commonly referred to as its coefficient of variation, is the ratio of its standard deviation to its arithmetic mean. In effect, it is a measurement of th... Read More »

How to Calculate Relative Deviation?

The relative deviation or relative standard deviation is another way of expressing the standard deviation. Standard deviation measures how accurate the average is by calculating random error, which... Read More »