How to Calculate RPM From RCF?

Answer Centrifugation is the act of putting an object in rotation around a fixed axis. The result of this rotation is a relative centrifugal force (RCF) acting on the object directly in line with the axis... Read More »

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How to Calculate GPM From PSI?

Pressure information such as pressure drops through sections of piping is usually related to flow capacity in gallons per minute (GPM). Each piping system is unique due to a variety of factors inc... Read More »

How to Calculate Kb From Ka?

The Bronsted Lowry definition of an acid and a base is that an acid donates hydrogen ions, whereas a base receives the hydrogen ions. The Kb is the base dissociation constant, or the way in which t... Read More »

How to Calculate MPH From Engine RPM?

RPM is an acronym that stands for revolutions per minute. Specifically, it expresses the number of times a motor makes a complete revolution in a one-minute period. RPM has a direct influence on th... Read More »

How to Calculate Amps From Kw?

Kilowatt or kW means a 1,000 watts. A watt measures the rate at which energy in an electrical current flow dissipates. For a simple circuit, wattage relates to amperage according to the formula P=I... Read More »